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Mission Statement

The love of God inspires our ministry.   To see souls saved to the glory of God is our highest aim.   The desire to know God as it is our privilege to know Him, personally, intimately, and at an ever deepening level, motivates us. To lead others to this genuine saving knowledge of God through an exploration of the Word of God, and through sharing of personal testimonies will be our mission.

About us:

It took all of our savings to get settled into a beautiful piece of property and into a modest home, and begin our full-time ministry.  How God orchestrated this small miracle is another story worthy of telling more fully at another time.

The Lord brought us to the hills of Tennessee at the end of 2015.  We sold our home, retired from our job, purchased an RV, and headed to the Cumberland Plateau.  It was a calling, not a whim.  We felt compelled, though the future path was not completely clear.  What was clear was that God was calling us to ministry.  What we had was our story, and each other, and a desire to help others who may be traveling, or had traveled the road that God brought us through, a journey that has led us to seek and to Know the Savior, Today!,  a journey from brokenness to healing, healing of a rift as deep as the soul.

Ours is a story of two families torn apart by the effects of sin… two stories, but one… a story of adoption and reconciliation.

God created us to be in a loving relationship with Him.  But sin has broken that relationship, and our knowledge of Him has dimmed, and we are in gross darkness unable to see clearly His loving character, to sense His deep and abiding compassion for us.  Consequently, we have each become broken in mind, body, and spirit.  And our families are often left broken, and even shattered.  As if beyond our control, we perpetuate our brokenness in our relationships with our spouses, our children, and others.

But thank the Lord for His grace.  He does not abandon us, when we abandon Him.  He pursues us, until we come to know Him intimately, and we are made complete in Him, once again.

Through our ministry we seek to call God's people to a personal sense of His patient, wise, and loving involvement in directing our lives (through the good and the bad times), so that we may come to know and love Him as it is our privilege to know and love Him, as we contemplate how graciously He has worked behind the scenes to bring us to a knowledge of His deep, abiding love for us.

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