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Sold! Now We Need an RV.

Let me share this with you. The housing market was still trying to get back to normal in our area, so when I checked with a realtor who was a friend of mine he told me we could get a certain amount for the house. Well that amount was not enough. So both Vernon and I prayed If God was really calling us to country living to do ministry then He would have to sell our house for what we knew we needed to get. It needed to be a cash offer for full asking price. That very night after putting the sign in the window I got a call. There were two people interested in seeing the house. So I set up a time for the first person to come view the house. It was a young lady. She came into the house and she loved it as soon as she walked in. Now remember, the master bathroom was gutted and the new double sink was resting in front of our bed. Some of the walls were finished but not the shower area. The new tile floors were just done and a new toilet was put in. However, things were still a mess. Needless to say she wanted to buy our home full asking price. The only thing was that it was not a cash offer. However we gave her the opportunity to get her financing together. She really wanted our home. Vernon and I prayed with her and we asked God if she was to have our home open the way for her. It was not God’s will for her to have our home, but Vernon and I were so happy to have met her. We still stay in touch with each other. The second person got sick so he was not able to come. That Sunday I got another call. An older couple wanted to see the house. We made the appointment for Monday afternoon. Howard and Terry Creed came that afternoon when Vernon got home from work. As they stepped into our home they fell in love with the house. They had so many questions and we were able to answer every one. I had prayed that morning that if these were the people God was sending to buy our home, let them offer us a cash offer and let them give us full asking price even though the bath room was not finished let them look beyond that. So as we were showing them the garage Terry the wife said to me “You know this will be a cash offer.” Well you can imagine how my heart skipped a beat. I tried to look like everything was great. My knees felt like they wanted to buckle, but I kept my composure. As they were leaving they said they were very interested in buying our home. Vernon and I told them to go home and pray about it and let us know the next day.

When I told Vernon what Terry said about a cash offer, we knew God was working on our behalf. The next day came so quickly and around 9am I got a call from Terry that she and Howard wanted the house and could they come back over that evening to sign the contract. Most importantly they offered us full asking price. Tell me God does not hear prayers. We went to closing 8 days later. However, we stayed in the house for another two weeks to finish up the bathroom with the help of our church family.

The next step: housing for us. We prayed and asked God what we should do. Both Vernon and I were impressed that we should get an RV 5th wheel. This would be our home until we were able to build our home on our property. So we needed to find a truck to pull the 5th wheel. So that’s where we started. Vernon began doing research on different trucks. On a previous trip home from Pennsylvania we stopped at a gas station in Virginia. While there Vernon noticed a gentleman with a nice truck so he struck up a conversation to find out more about trucks. Come to find out this man was truck dealer. He gave Vernon his card. Within a week or so we had a new diesel truck.

Next we did a little research on RV 5th wheels and where we should buy one. We found a small town in VA. When we got there, there were so many to look at, we didn’t know where to begin. The dealer took us to the RV 5th wheel lot, where he left us to look around until we found one. When the dealer had a free moment he would come and check on us.

After looking at five RV 5th wheels we saw one that would work for us. It had a full size kitchen, an upstairs bedroom and bathroom, and a nice size living room with much head room and lots of storage. I knew if we had to live in a 5th wheel for a long period of time we had to be comfortable. So in September 2015 we hooked the RV to our truck and started our new adventure.

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