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Angel in the Dark

Vernon still had 3 months before he retired so for two weeks we stayed at a start park for 5th wheel campers. The night we pulled our RV into the park it was very dark, Vernon had never pulled an RV before and he was doing so well. As we were entering the park the roads became very narrow and pulling a 39 foot 5th wheel RV was not that easy on that narrow road. As Vernon was making a left turn onto the road where our RV would rest for two weeks, he did not make the turn wide enough. The RV got wedged under a tree we did not see and we could not free it. As we tried our best to free it, we did not realize we had ripped the side of the roof, and broke the side of one of the awnings. We did not know what to do, so we stopped trying and prayed to the father in heaven for help. In the distance we heard a voice call out to us “do you need help?” It sounded like an angel. We both said “YES”. A young man came walking up out of the darkness with a young lady walking beside him. “What seems to be the problem?“, he said. When we explained what had happened, he asked us if we would be ok letting him get the truck and RV unstuck. We both said “Please do!” It took him 15 minutes to get the truck and RV out of the mess we had it in. He drove the RV to the spot we were to rent for two weeks, and helped us set it up. He told us how to fix the rip on the roof and then he told us everything would be all right and not to worry. And then he was gone. We never saw him again. God did send and angel to help us out.

The two weeks went by quickly as we were busy moving what we would be using in the RV and finishing up the master bathroom in our home we sold. We also had to call the RV place to have the roof fix. At the end of the two weeks we took the 5th wheel back to Virginia to the RV dealership where we bought it. They were not sure how long it would take because they had to order a new roof and side awning holder. So now we are homeless, but not for long because our son-in-law Matthew Combs offered his home to us. We were so grateful and amazed at his kindness, because he and our youngest daughter Tia had not been married that long. They were still newlyweds. We happily accepted.

We were there for 2 months, and finally the 5th wheel was ready. Only one problem, we still had a week before we would be going back to TN. The weekend was covered because we had to go to Hemingway SC for a family get together. We had planned on taking the 5th wheel and staying in it on my cousin’s property. And then we had to meet up with a friend who was a chaplain in the army who knew a lot about 5th Wheel RV’s. He was going to walk us through every detail of our RV. So he had a place rented for us to rest the 5th wheel. It was a beautiful RV park. But after that we did not have a clue where to go. On our way back to Charlotte NC we decided to call around to some RV parks to see what we could afford and what was a safe park to rest the RV. Carowinds amusement park had a clean and safe RV Park where we could go. So that is where we stayed for 2days when our son-in-law Matthew told us we could park the RV at his parents’ house. They were ok with it and they had a perfect spot for it. Vernon and I were so amazed how God took care of us. We did not feel worthy at all. But we were so grateful for His love and watchful care of us.

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