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Speak Lord. Thy Servant Hears.

We continued working on the property preparing it for the RV. The plan was to park the RV in the front of the property which happens to be the Morse’s side. We had gravel delivered and we had the Water and Electric Company come out to see what it would cost to have electricity and water connected. Oh my, the cost was crazy high, so we had to think of some other way to have water and electricity. We had always planned to go off grid when we built our house. It was looking like we would have to go off grid with the RV.

First things first, order the solar equipment, and get the water tanks for rain catchment. Done. There was a spring on the front of the property that needed some TLC. Vernon and Michael worked very hard to get it running again. The water was flowing great. The next step was to have the water tested. Once that was done we could fill up the water tanks.

The one thing I really wanted was to start canning and getting food ready for the winter. On top of everything else we had to do to get ready before winter came: getting the RV in place, finishing the shed so we could store our tools and supplies, we needed to have food, but I had no garden. So as my custom if I ran into a difficult situation, I go to the Father. I asked God to show me how to start canning and freezing food for the winter. The very next morning Janet Hackett, Chucks wife, text me and said “Would you like to come out and pick blueberries”. They had a beautiful garden, I quickly said yes. While picking blueberries she told me if there was anything in the garden I wanted or needed to help myself. I was able to start my canning and freezing food for the winter. Look at God. We are still eating food that I canned and put in the freezer last winter!

The day was getting closer for us to move the RV onto the property. While clearing the last area, Michael Morse told us that our neighbor Wendell was going to put his house up for sale. Just that week Vernon and I were talking about buying 5 acres from Wendell. His property and our 10 acres were connected together. If we had 15 acres we could get a tax break. So we thought we needed to get over there and talk to him before he sold his property.

Michael wanted us to go over to Wendell’s right then to see the horse he bought from him, so we said OK. While looking at the horse, Wendell came out side. We all started talking, then Wendell said it, “Did you know I am going to sell my house?” Vernon and I acted surprise because Michael was not sure if Wendell wanted folk to know yet. So we said “You are?” As Wendell talked about why he was selling, Vernon asked him if we could come back the next day and talk to him, So Wendell said “Sure, how about 9.” We wanted to talk to him about buying 5 acres from him. But little did we know what God was about to do for us. While standing there, I had this feeling that God was talking me. I kept hearing “This is your house.” But what I didn’t know God was speaking to Vernon as well.

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