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A Blessing to All

There was much to do to get settled in our new home. Boxes to be unpacked, paint to be chosen for the walls, furniture to be placed in the right spot, and farm equipment to learn how to use. We were up for the challenge. Remember we had been gone for two weeks after closing. One week at camp meeting and one week with my daughter Tia and baby Luke. So the day we got home we got right to it. First things first, set the kitchen up and then the bedrooms. Because we were able to bring the boxes days before closing to the house, the boxes were all in the basement out of the way. So when a box was needed we would bring it up and unpack it. It made things so much easier. When the kitchen was up and running, the bedrooms did not take too long because when the furniture was brought in it was put right in place, so the biggest thing to do was put our clothing away. By 8 pm that evening the kitchen and bedrooms were done. On to the other rooms. We really needed to do this fast. So we decided to paint a room at a time. As soon as the room was painted we set the room up completely. So when we walked out of that room it was finished. We did a room a day and at the end of the week the house was set up and finished.

However there were a few changes that had to be done in the house to make the flow of the house work correctly for us. The problem we were facing is what would work the best. Well after a week or two of praying and asking the Lord what we should do He showed us what would work. We needed to open the wall between the living room and dining room, and flip the two rooms. The living room would now be the dining area and the dining room the living room. You see in the dining room there is a large picture window and the view of the mountains is breathtaking. By opening the wall between the two rooms you get to see that view from all areas and by having the living room in that space you get to sit there and enjoy the peacefulness of God’s beauty. It has become the room I have my morning worship with the Lord in. When I come down the hallway I look to the hills from which cometh my help. All I can do is thank Him each and every day for giving us this peaceful haven.

Let the work begin! A friend from church, Mark Peters, who happens to be a contractor, agreed to help us take down the wall. We needed Mark and his skills. He would let us know if it was a bearing wall. Thankfully it was not. Mark made working on that wall so much fun. He was truly a blessing to us. When the work was done you could not tell if it had always been there or if it was a new construction. All I know is when God is in something it will always be right!

I had asked Vernon to build me a large farm house table. Now that the dining room was in the living room we needed a table that said when you walked in the front door “come and sit down, and stay a while.” He built me a 9 foot beautiful table. We loving call it our welcome table. What makes the table special is when you look at it you can see the love it was built with all over it. It truly is a welcome table.

We had our home blessed the last Sabbath in October 2016. All of our Church family was present. We held hands around the entire space of the two areas of our home, the living room and dining room. With the two rooms now open to each other, it made it very comfortable to do. We prayed a prayer of dedication, and our head Elder had us share in a beautiful litany for what the Lord had done for our family. The one thing Vernon and I realized is when God gives you something it is not just for you. We both knew this home was to be shared. Our prayer was to fill this home with people that needed since of peace for however long they needed it. God has answered that prayer. Friends and family have been in and out. Some for a day or two, some for a week, and some for a month. Some have come to help work on the farm and some just for the rest. Whatever their reason for coming, God has richly blessed them. KTS Ministries Farm has been a blessing to my family and to so many of our family and friends.

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