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Know The Savior

Vernon and I often wonder why God loves us so. We are two of the most unworthy people in this world. Why did He bless us with this property? Giving us everything we needed for running a mountain homestead. Giving us enough land so we could give to all three of our children and their families. Holding us together through our trials, the only thing we could come up with is His unconditional love for us and his plan for us. He was calling us and we both felt it. It was not a whim, we felt compelled, though not completely clear. What was clear was that God was calling us to ministry.

All we had was our story, and each other, and a desire to help others who may be traveling, or had traveled the road that God brought us through, a journey that has led us to seek and Know The Savior, a journey from brokenness to healing, healing of a rift as deep as the soul. And so KTS Ministries was formed. God gave Vernon the name. The beginning letter of each of the words, K-Know, T- The, S- Savior, are the beginning letters of each of our children names. K- Kory, T- Tia, S- Soñée.

This ministry, Know The Savior, has been such a blessing to us. Vernon once said it never gets old to us sharing our testimony, because it reminds us every time where God brought us from. We asked God to place us somewhere each month and that is what He has done. Every month we are somewhere in these United States sharing our testimonies of God’s goodness to us.

The sharing of our stories has helped so many people to forgive, and to let the hurt and brokenness go. Our plan also is to use our property, KTS Ministries Farm, to help as many people as we can to let go of the hurt, the pain, and the brokenness. We feel God has brought us here on this land for such a time as this.

When I am working on the property the peace I feel is amazing. I can hear God talking to me. Looking out seeing the beautiful vista is calming to the soul. We want others to feel that peace, and the calming of the Holy Spirit. As I shared with you earlier in another blog post, when friends and family have come to the mountain they don’t want to leave. They have told us they feel so at eased. One of our friends told us “It was the first time in years that I slept all night”. There’s nothing like God rocking you to sleep and then holding you all night long.

We are committed at KTS Ministries Farm to help friends, family and new friends to find the peace in Jesus that is much needed in all of our lives to, “Know The Savior”.

When Vernon and I started this journey we had no idea what God was going to do, but we were willing to follow and do whatever He wanted us to do.

The people we have met on this journey to know the savior has had a great impact on our lives. It has awakened us to see God in a different light. We have witness so many burdens lifted and so many hearts changed. Not just in others, but in ourselves. Vernon and I have learned to work together. We have learned to respect each other’s differences, and to use those differences to God’s advantage. We have learn to walk in God’s foot prints and to let Him lead. God’s unconditional love for us has brought us to know Him better. Our journey is not over, it is just beginning. Come and join this journey with us. The road may not always be easy, but His hand is stretched out to you beckoning you to hold on… don’t let go. The journey has just begun.

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