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There Once Was a Mouse Named Lucky

Living in the country is a wonderful thing, but there are some things about living in the country I can do without, and one of those things is, field mice. On one side of our house is 4 acres of pasture for horses, on the other side is 4 acres of a hay field where we grow hay for the animals. What comes with all that open space? Field Mice! This is why we have 4 cats that live outside so they can catch the mice before they get into the house, but every once in a while a mouse or two will get in. So we are ready for the ones that get past our cats: Mouse traps! We are not certain but we have some idea where those little buggers come in, so we have a mouse trap waiting for them. As soon as we catch one, we put a trap right back down, prepared and ready to catch another one.

Well today’s blog is about one little field mouse (we will name him Lucky) that got in our house and apparently thought he was smarter than both Vernon and myself. He went right up to the mouse trap that caught all the rest of his buddies and ate the peanut butter right off the trap without setting it off. He then decided to take a house tour of my laundry room.

My daughter was doing laundry when she spotted the little mouse. We decide it would be best to trap him in the laundry room and try to catch him in there. Vernon put a mouse trap right by the door and we waited to hear the release of the trap. Not a sound was heard. We opened the door to see if anything had happened and we found that little mouse had eaten the peanut butter right off the trap. That is when I decided to take a look at the mouse trap that should have caught him in the first place and that’s when I discovered he had eaten the peanut butter off of it as well. So we decided to put three mouse traps in the laundry room and cover them with the peanut butter. Praying that one of those traps would get him. And we waited, and waited, and waited, nothing, not a sound. So we looked inside and that little mouse had eaten off the peanut butter on all three of the traps.

Could it be that this mouse had mastered how not to get caught by the mouse traps? Mr. Lucky was having a good ol' time in my laundry room. It was a warm shelter from the cold outside, he had plenty to eat because we were feeding him, and he started making a nest out of the insulation from the heating vent. This mouse was moving in.

We had to come up with something; this little field mouse was not going to get the best of us. Vernon reset all three of the mouse traps, and covered them with a nice thick layer of peanut butter. We went to bed that night hoping that one of those traps would work. Well the next morning I went right to the laundry room to see if we got the mouse, we got nothing but three empty mouse traps. This mouse was smarter than us. How was he able to eat all of that peanut butter and not set off those mouse traps? Not only had he eaten all the peanut butter off the traps, he was resting on top of my dirty sheets in the laundry basket. I was done! I went back to the bedroom and told Vernon “That mouse is very much alive and is totally enjoying his new home”.

Vernon decided he had to get a different kind of mouse trap, one that would trap the mouse inside and not let it back out. I sat down on the chair in the living room and said a little prayer. I asked God to get that mouse or show us how to get it. I told Him my concern about my grandchildren that played on the floor and I did not want them to get sick from mouse droppings. I thanked Him for answering my prayer and I opened my bible for my morning reading when I heard the most wonderful sound, the mouse trap release. It was loud and clear, I jumped up from my chair and ran back to the bedroom and screamed, “Vernon I think we got the mouse!” Vernon got up quickly and went right to the laundry room. Sure enough the mouse was caught. Vernon took that little mouse out to the garbage can and cleaned up the mess the mouse made. I thought to myself “Lucky, your luck ran out”.

Now you know I see a spiritual connection to this. Lucky the little field mouse became too self-assured, to brashly bold, and brazen. He was over confident in himself. He got away the first time without getting caught in the mouse trap, so he tried it again and again, but in the end he got caught. The same happens with sin in our lives.

Believers are not immune to falling and getting caught up, or entrapped by sin. That is why we must be on our guard. We become over confident and arrogant in our sins when we get away with it the first time. We must not think that we are above falling; Human beings are naturally inclined towards sin. Everyone feels the urge to sin at some point because sinning gives us tangible yet fleeting benefits at the cost of moral and spiritual ones, so we do it again, and again until one day we get caught. God longs to see a fallen believer restored. Remember that God is always on your side no matter what and that even though there are tough times and temptations, the everlasting reward will be truly amazing.

God is infinite in his capacity to forgive, so sincerely ask God for forgiveness, in his eyes, once you are forgiven; it's as if you had never committed sin in the first place: "…And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more." (Hebrews 10:17). Let’s not end up like Lucky the little field mouse.

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