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Snapshots of Farm Life

Spring is here on Know The Savior Ministries Farm. The birds are singing and the farm has come alive. The garden beds are ready, and planting has begun. Lots of summer projects have started, and many more to come. The animals are shedding their winter coats and summer bathing will soon begin. The trees are full and beautiful and the landscape is green and lush. Strawberry picking has begun, while drying strawberries and canning strawberry jam will soon commence. The apple, and pear trees are full of soon to be good fruit to enjoy and the grape vines are "grapping". Looks like we are going to have a great harvest this fall. The cherry trees are ready for picking, and the blue berry bushes are full and the black berry and raspberry bushes are over flowing. God is smiling on this little farm.

We are busy filling are calendar for speaking engagements this summer. Hope your Church is one of them!

This past winter was a busy and a sad time for us. With full speaking engagements and the death of our dear mother, God saw us through. And now life has come to this humble homestead farm.

We are taking each project one at a time, for they are many. Most importantly, proper housing for the animals. The cat got a new cat house, one that will better protect her from the predators that roam at night. The chickens had their coop yard shorten to make it safer for them. Soñée and I built new hen boxes for the hens to have privacy as they lay their eggs. The hens love it. The rain water tank is up and running and we will be getting 3 more to make this project complete. The solar system just needs 3 more holes dug for the frame for the solar panels and it will be ready to go. We will be starting the new dogs housing in the next few days. The green house plans are being sorted out, and Vernon’s work shop garage will be under way. The retaining walls will be getting a face lift and the drain ditches have to be dug. We’ve also begun cutting down trees and stacking wood for the winter. So, as you can see we have many projects this spring and summer to be done. With God’s help I know we can do it.

This summer we will be staring a new video series on the Know The Savior website on’ How to know the Savior.’ So be looking out for that.

Hopefully late summer early fall we will be welcoming a new family animal, a mule, to help with some of the work that goes on around the farm, this should be very interesting.

I totally love this time of year on the farm. The work is exhilarating and the family all works together. As I look around the farm I feel blessed. Thankful that God loves my family so much that He gave us this piece of Heaven on earth that we so lovingly call Know The Savior Ministries Farm.

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