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Do You Have The Keys?

The funniest thing happened last week after our speaking engagement. We said our good-byes to everyone and began walking out to the parking lot. Vernon asked for the keys. You see, earlier in the day we decided to put our bags and things we didn’t need into the car. Totally forgetting Vernon’s keys were in the black carry bag, I decided to leave my purse with my keys in it in the trunk of the car. Soñée asked if Vernon had his keys, but what I heard was ‘Does Dad have his phone?’ And I said, ‘Yes. It’s in his front pocket.’ So we shut the trunk and cheerfully went back inside.

So when Vernon asked for the keys as we were leaving, my heart sunk as I realized what I had done! Both sets of keys were in the trunk of the car. It just so happened that a visitor named Sherry had not left yet. She offered to take Vernon down to the police station which was just a little ways down the street. An officer had been very helpful to her in finding the community center where the church service was being held. So she was confident they would be helpful to us. They returned and we waited for an officer to come to our rescue. We all prayed that God would send a kind officer. About 5 minutes later a police car drove up.

Like a jack in the box, the most cheerful officer popped out of the car. Providentially it was the same officer that rescued Sherry that morning! He was excited and surprised to see her as she was him. So he handed Vernon the standard waiver form to sign as he explained what he would do. It was amazing the small tools he used to open the car and he told us we could order all this on Amazon. But when you think about it, having those tools would do us no good if our own keys were locked in the car. The tools would be locked in there too!

In about 5 minutes the car was open. We thanked the Lord for such a kind and cheerful police officer. He said his good-byes and got into his car. As he began backing up, we decided to take pictures with Sherry. When all of a sudden, the police car pulled right back up and the officer popped out again saying “Hey I want to take some pictures with you!” We were delighted to take some photos with him. We were also happy to find that Sherry gave him a book on prayer before he left.

God answered so many prayers for us that day. How grateful we are to know that God cares even about locked keys in a car.


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