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It's the Simple Things

Every morning we spend time in the garden gathering what’s left of the summer harvest. The children are always with us, sometimes helping, but most often, playing and having fun. As we watch them sometimes we see how simple life can be through their play. We as parents think our children need fancy toys and gadgets. But does that really make a child happy?

Mariah and Malachi pull their bikes, and scooters, and trucks, and dolls out to play when they come out side, but within a few minutes you see toys laying around but not the children. They are climbing trees and playing with rocks, leaves, sticks, dirt and water. They love playing in the back of the truck bed, especially when it’s loaded with rocks, leaves, sticks, dirt and water. The best part of playing in the back of the truck is when they both learned how to climb in and out on their own. It was a day of celebration!

Oh and when the riding mower comes out, forget about it. If they’re feeling bored or down one of the first things they ask is to ride in the wagon on the back of the mower. Chobu happily obliges (maybe because it gets him out of the hard work for a while). It’s like their own private roller-coaster, riding all around, up-and-down the hills and bumps of the property.

Watching Mariah and Malachi play makes us realize how we as adults complicate the lives of children. God intended for them to play, learn and live as innocently as Adam and Eve before the fall. The simplicity of life was designed for all of us not just children. The bible tells us in Matthew 18:3 …Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

If the kids have taught us anything, they’ve taught us to stop complicating life so much and enjoy the simple things. To live and learn through the simplistic ways God intended brings much peace and happiness. Not only that it’s part of what fits us for heaven.

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