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What Do You Do on the Mountain?

I often get asked the question, “What is your day like on the mountain?” That answer varies depending on the time of year. So for those of you who would like to know what our days are like right now, here goes.

Our mornings typically begin about 4:30. By 5 we're having our personal devotions and exercise. By 6:30 we’re having worship with the children. By 7 we're outside in the garden.

This time of year we are putting some garden beds to sleep and waking others up. We just harvested our first crop of peanuts. We are very proud of the outcome. And we're beginning to harvest sweet potatoes.

Food storage is priority right now. Canning, drying, freezing have been on-going for the last month or so. Preparing the property and house for winter is also high on the priority list. We have learned that being farmers we have to pay attention to the almanac and weather forecasts. And this winter promises to be snowy and cold! With that said there’s much to do to prepare.

Another important thing we are doing is drying seeds from our harvest and labeling them. We’ll be using these seeds to plant for the next crops. Talk about efficiency and money saving!

One of the things that keep us going through these busy times is the things that the kids say and do. For instance, the kids are ALWAYS throwing things up that get stuck in the trees. This morning Malachi asked if wind comes at night. We said, yes sometimes. He looked up and said, ‘Well it didn’t blow last night cuz my lizard is still up in the tree.’ We homeschool the children and yesterday they both decided to make videos of their class time. Well Malachi, who usually starts his school time by saying “I’m hot. I’m tired. Are we almost finished,” and we’ve yet to begin, had an altogether different tune this time. Once he began recording, when asked a question he was very polite and responsive and willing to learn. “Oh yes. Of course. I see. Oh that’s so funny.” All while looking at himself being recorded. Smh.

Each of them got Flash costumes recently and yesterday they both came outside first thing in the morning with their costumes on. It was a trip to watch them running around like usual outside but in full costume. Call us crazy but I think they believe we can’t seem them when they’re running like the Flash.

Even though the work is busy, it’s very rewarding and we have fun in between it all. It’s very healing connecting with the Earth in this way. We Thank God for giving us this opportunity.

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