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Joy and Sadness

We are back. The New Year started out very busy, cold and rainy and very sad for our family.

With the many days of rain we found ourselves having to move flat rocks over to the chicken coop and cat house to make a patio in front of their doorways because of all the mud. It was so muddy, we were sinking in it. The animal patio turned out great. No more mud!

January is a very special month for our family. We got to celebrate 4 birthdays, Mariah who turned 7 on the 18th, Soñée who turned 38 on the 24th, Vernon who turned 66 on the 25th, and Josiah who turned 5 on the 26th. We had so much fun celebrating from TN to MD.

What joy we get when we are able to add to our family of pets. On the 20th of January we became proud parents of a bouncing baby girl, German shepherd/ Collie /Golden Retriever Mix. All white and just beautiful, very calm and sweet. We named her Leere Joy. Now if you’re wondering what does Leere mean, it is German and it means blank/void/empty. Why that name? Well, when we first picked her up she was so scared and had this look of emptiness in her eyes. But when she met the other puppies and settled in she became vibrant and joyful. The German shepherd is more dominant in her. She is 14 weeks old and is already as big as the puppies we got in December who are now 24 weeks old. She is going to be a big girl.

This month has been busy for Vernon and I as we prepare to get back on the road for our ministry. At our first stop, Fort Mill SC, we will be conducting our first marriage seminar. God has been pressing on our hearts to do this for a while, and with much prayer we have decided to follow Jesus. Who knew there was such a big connection to knowing the savior and marriage? God did!

January has not been all fun for our family, with heavy hearts and unbelief we had to say good bye to my dear sister Linda who fell asleep in Jesus on Monday evening at 10:30 pm, January 28, 2019. I am still in a fog of unbelief. We had just talked that Friday afternoon. Talking about our children and grands, and how good God is. I will not question God; my heart is broken and I will miss her terribly. But God is good and I know if I walk the walk that Linda walked with our Lord I will see her again in that great getting up morning.

Linda Marie Skipper

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