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Rain, Rain, Go Away..!

“Rain, rain, ago away. Come again another day.”

I am sure this was the song many were singing last week. I know we were. Just when you think you have things under control you realize that is not the case. We had so much rain it felt like we were going to just float away.

This past Thursday our worse fear was realized. We noticed water coming from the pipes down stairs and the toilets would not flush, and the tubs would not drain out. James tried plunging the toilets and the tubs. For a while that worked, but soon it would all come to a stop and the leaks got worse and the toilets wouldn’t flush and the tubs wouldn’t drain. Our septic tank was flooded from all the rain we were getting, but not just flooded there was a blockage. And then it happened, sewage started backing up into the toilets, tubs and sinks in the bathrooms.

We needed help and fast! Vernon and I had to be out of town on Sabbath and Soñée and James were home to deal with the crisis. James called around for a septic company. He finally found a reasonable one. While he waited he called our neighbor Hughie who called his brother who had our house built about 29 years ago to find out exactly where the septic tank was located. Then James, the septic service guy and his assistant went to work. It was not easy at first because of the rain water in the ground, the hole they dug kept filling up with water. Our neighbor Hughie came up to help. He got on Vernon’s large tractor and started scooping up the mud and water to clear a way to the septic tank. Once it was clear, the service guy was able to find the clog and free up the pipes, but because of the rain the septic tank was filled nearly to the top. We had to have it pumped out.

Our neighbor Hughie gave us the name of the guy that he uses and he was able to come out on Monday afternoon and get us all set up. You never know when a crisis will hit and it can be upsetting. But we must remember that God is always there for us during the crisis. He sent people to help James and the job was done correctly. Our neighbor Hughie is amazing and is always there to help when we call. He has taught us so much. Thank you, Hughie!

You know the backed up junk in our septic tank is like the backed up junk we carry in our lives. When we don’t call on the right person to help us that junk will just build up. But when we call on the One who can take that junk away our lives are free of the stuff that clogs us up.

When life gets full and backed up call on Jesus he is always there.

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