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That's What Faith Can Do...

I just had to share this with everyone on how God works in our lives if we step out of the way and allow Him to do His best for us. In other words have faith in His works.

My youngest daughter Tia and her husband Matthew had been remodeling their home to put on the market to sale so they can move to the country. When the house was finally finished and ready to go, there was much hesitation and uncertainty on Matt's heart and soul. Many factors he was looking into and trying to make sense of many of the how’s and why's.

After much thought, talks, and tears with each other, they both decided to step out of God's way, trust what God would do for them, and believe that what God would do, would be far greater than what the two of them could ever do.

First things first, they went looking for a house in the country, and guess what they found one; One that seemed to meet their needs and their family’s needs. Far enough out of the city but not too far for Matt to get to work.

They decided to put an offer on the house. They both felt this was the thing to do. Then they found out there were 2 offers on the house already. So they prayed and told God "If this is the house You want us to have then let our offer be accepted." The thing is they had a contingency with the offer -- They had to sell their house, but guess what, not long after they made the offer they got word that their offer was accepted.

Now the 2nd and most important thing, they had to sell their house! They made an appointment with their realtor to put the house on the market. So Thursday (March 7, 2019) late afternoon/early evening the realtor came over. They got all paper work done and that evening the “For Sale” sign was out in front.

Friday morning the house went live on the realty firm’s website. Ten minutes after the house went live, showings for the house started coming in, when all was said and done there were 7 showings for that day and before the evening was near they had 2 offers above asking price. It doesn’t end there. They had many showings for Saturday night and all day showings for Sunday. By Sunday evening there had been a total of 48 showings since Friday and 15+ offers made on their home.

So let me show you how God answers prayer. As a family we prayed for a bidding war to drive up the price and we asked for a cash offer. All of the above was answered! Sunday (March 10, 2019) night the house was sold well above the asking price. God heard our plea. God knew what had to be done. And when Tia and Matt stepped out of the way and trusted God He let all the flood gates open on their behalf. God gave the cry over a hundred years ago to move out of the city and move to the country. We are to work the cities but find our rest in the country.

As God's commandment-keeping people we must leave the cities. As did Enoch, we must work in the cities but not dwell in them.--Ev 77, 78 (1899) I urge our people to make it their lifework to seek for spirituality. Christ is at the door. This is why I say to our people, "Do not consider it a privation when you are called to leave the cities and move out into the country places. Here there await rich blessings for those who will grasp them. By beholding the scenes of nature, the works of the Creator, by studying God's handiwork, imperceptibly you will be changed into the same image."--2SM 355, 356 (1908).”

I am so happy my children listened to the voice of God and obeyed. What rich blessings await them, even more now than before!

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