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You can feel God in the air...

Spring is certainly here. The trees are in full bloom and the smell of fresh cut grass is alluring. Spring is an important time for us on KTS farm because it is planting time. We have been busy in the garden preparing the garden beds and clearing new beds for planting and checking on the winter crops. Their harvest time is very soon. The birds are singing and the grandchildren are playing in the open fields.

This is also the time we start collecting fire wood and kindling for next winter. Windows are open and the spring breeze is soothing. The mountain air is clean and the mountain views are breathtaking. You can feel God in the air.

I have suffered with Lupus for 17 years. I maintain it very well with the proper diet and rest. But I have no control of the weather. The storms here can be very hash and the barometric pressure sends me for a loop. But when I am in the garden I feel no pain. When my skin touches the earth it is like we are one. I believe God knew just what He was doing. There is pure healing in the earth. I am very grateful because I love working in the garden. I can be out there for hours.

I get so excited waiting to see what we have planted. Always wondering, did it grow OK? Will it taste good? Sometimes it is hard to be patient. The Bible tells us in James 5:7; be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains.

Our new puppy is growing well and she loves working in the garden with us along with our 2 cats. Maybe we should hook a wagon to her to pull the weeds when we are weeding the garden. She might just like it. We also added a new addition to the cat family, Sugar Cube. She’s a vibrant little girl who’s not afraid of anything. Lula Mae will be expecting kittens soon too. So our cat family once again is growing. God certainly is good.

This Spring is an important Spring for us in many ways but one special way is we will be writing our book. So many of you have asked is there a book on the way, and the answer is a big yes! The plan is to have it ready by Fall. So keep on the lookout.

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