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We're Back!

We are back after a long, busy and fun summer. Our biggest focus this summer was on the garden. We increased the size which gave us a wonderful bounty of delicious food. We called it, our grocery store. I can count on one hand how many times we had to go to the grocery store in town this summer. We spent many days and hours canning, freezing, and drying food for the winter while enjoying the freshness of fresh pick foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can truly say our garden has been a wonderful blessing. We are busy now planting our fall garden. Can’t wait until fall harvest time.

We said good bye to our chickens. They were ready to retire. Most chickens stop laying eggs or die when they reach 6-7 years. Our chickens were good to us. They lasted 9 years. We found a very good home for them where they will live out the rest of their lives. We are now in the process of relocating our chicken coop to the other side of the property where the pasture is greener, and picking out new chickens before the cold weather comes in.

Along with hard work we did allow ourselves some fun. We had a great time with family and a friend for a 4th of July cookout, a getaway weekend with some wonderful friends in High Point NC, and the first time ever family reunion for the Newman family in Maryland. What a wonderful time we all had. We also got a chance to spend time with the North Carolina grandchildren and the Maryland grandchildren. Nothing like spending quality time with the grands.

One of the most exciting times we had this summer was catching a swarm of honey bees to start honey harvesting. Unfortunately the bees were taken over by ants. Who knew! But now we do and we know what to do. We are starting all over again. Look out bees here we come.

Our cat gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens, 2 of which did not survive. The remaining 4 are in wonderful homes.

One of the busy jobs that takes place on our farm every summer is getting fire wood for the winter. It is a dirty job and believe me when I say, a tiring job. But someone has to do it.

This school year we made a very hard decision and that was to put Mariah and Malachi, my TN grandchildren, into Church School. We felt it would be better for them. Our days were becoming so busy on the farm and doing Ministry we felt we would not be able to give them all that they needed. It turned out to be the best decision ever. It is not a big school so it has the feel of a homeschool. Their teacher is amazing and the school teaches the way the spirit of prophecy tells us we should run our schools. They both love school and we are so pleased.

We are back in Ministry mode now, ready to start booking for the fall, winter and spring months. Who knows, we may be in your neck of the woods. Contact us. We would love to come and share our ministry with your Church.

At the end of our busy and fun summer and as we enjoy our beautiful sunsets, we reflect on all that God has done in our lives and we feel blessed, that God entrusted us to run this farm. The work is hard and there is always work to do, but so rewarding at the end of the day. As we look back and see what we accomplished, all we can say is “THANK YOU GOD”.

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