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Miracles Still Happen

April 27, 2022

Life here on KST Homestead has been quite busy: preparing the garden for planting our summer crops; clearing the field where the high tunnel will go (hope to have it looking like the photo below); trimming fruit trees and bushes; filling water tanks with rain water; weeding vegetable beds; preparing to relocate our compost to a more suitable area; putting some order to a very disheveled and dirty garden shed.

We have so many exciting things to share with you.

Firstly, KST Ministries has been invited to speak in the Bahamas. The details are being work out, so as we get more information we will share them with you. We have also accepted an invitation to speak near Savannah GA sometime in October. God has been good to our ministry, and Vernon and I are humbly grateful. We feel so blessed!

Next, our 8 year-old grandson, Malachi, started taking piano lessons about 4 months ago. Three weeks ago he made his public debut playing the offertory for church service. We were so proud of him! I was grinning so hard my cheeks started hurting. He loves the piano; we never have to tell him to practice. He has been practicing very hard for his first recital this coming weekend at a church nearby. Who knew the boy could play so well! Thank You Lord for Your gifts that bring us so much joy.

The last exciting news we want to share with you is how the Lord is still in the business of miracles. Our “baby” daughter Tia had been sick for months, leaving the doctors puzzled about what could be causing stroke-like symptoms. Test after test, and nothing. This was becoming very frustrating for the doctors, the family, and most definitely Tia. These episodes would become so severe exhibiting as a painful pressure on the right side of her face leaving it numb. She, also, found it difficult to speak after these episodes. These symptoms could persist for hours, sometimes days. Each occurrence would leave her feeling depleted of energy. Needless to say many prayers were going up on her behalf.

Tia finally found a doctor who surmised it could be one of two things, epilepsy or an anxiety disorder. He needed to rule out one of these possibilities, so he gave Tia a mild epilepsy medication. His thought was if she did not have an episode, then it was more than likely she had epilepsy. But, if her episodes continued, then it was more likely anxiety related. That night after taking the first pill she could feel the episodic symptoms as if they were being suppressed, but did not erupt into a full episode. The next day the same, she could feel something, but no episode. The doctor had told her that at any time if she felt different or strange after taking the medication she was to immediately stop taking them.

Well, after a few days she began to feel unwell, so she stopped taking the medication. That day she had the worst episode she had ever had. It lasted for days, and it took her over a week to recover. One of Tia’s church family called Vernon after watching Tia struggle to speak. With tears she asked Vernon had he considered anointing Tia. Vernon said he had not thought of that, but I said loudly, “I have!” So the following weekend Vernon and I drove to Gastonia NC, and with a few of Tia’s loving friends Vernon anointed Tia. I have never been to an anointing for healing, but you could feel the love of Jesus in that room. It was a beautiful thing to witness. As I recap that day events tears are filling my eyes. Right before the anointing Tia and her husband Matthew slipped away to the bedroom to pray, to ask the Lord to clean them, to take away any sin that they may be holding on to, so that nothing would prevent the anointing from the Holy Spirit. As Tia came out of the room she said the pressure was beginning to build in her neck and shoulder, and I told her to trust God to do what He had to do. After an impassioned prayer of a father for his youngest child, and all the tears were wiped away, Tia said, "I can feel the pressure leaving me."

It has been over 2 months and there have been no more episodes. Halleluiah! Praise His Holy Name! There was much preparation for this anointing. Everyone who was invited to come and be with Tia had a special part to play. They had to prepare themselves, and pray for cleansing. Many intercessory and personal prayers were ascending all week in preparation for the anointing. Scriptures about God’s power to heal and the conditions upon which He would act were being examined and studied. And God heard. God acted!

The anointing changed something in me. Each and every day I ask God to cleanse my soul, to take away anything that would keep me from being with Him for eternity. I plead with the Father to fill me with His Spirit. My prayer is that you are doing the same for yourself.

"If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly father give the holy spirit to those who ask Him!"- Luke 11:13

Heavenly Father! You know the thirst in me! Yes! Lord I have come to ask You to fill me with Your Holy Spirit Lord! You have promised to pour out Your Spirit upon all flesh! I claim Your promise and plead for Your Holy Spirit Lord! Your Word says whoever asks shall receive! Let Your Holy Spirit come into my heart Lord and let His mighty presence engulf me even now! Lord cleanse me of all my sins and short comings so that Your Holy Spirit can dwell in me. Lord, unless He comes into my life, I can never lead a flawless life before You! So I need Your Spirit. I open my heart to You. Come in and take control of my whole being and quench my thirst Lord! I thank You Lord right now for granting me this precious gift. Let Him be my sweet companion forever and let Him direct my steps. I know You have answered this prayer because I ask this in the most precious name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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